Our Computer repairing services include

  • Overall desktop repairing
  • Troubleshooting Booting Issues
  • Resolving the absence of a display on the screen
  • Figuring out reasons for continuous Computer Beeps
  • Resolving major issues like system overheating and low performance
  • Installing OS drivers and software.
  • Troubleshooting hardware related issues
  • Protecting systems from viruses and providing system security
  • Solving internet issues
  • Troubleshooting mail boxes
  • Optimizing your PC’s performance
  • Data Backups on the OS
  • Data recovery of the OS

Laptop Services

Some laptop issues that we have most commonly dealt with

  • Screen issues like no display
  • Non functioning of keyboards or some of the keys
  • Non functioning of Laptop touch pad
  • Low Bluetooth, LAN and WiFi connectivity
  • Overheating issues of the laptop
  • RAM Upgradation
  • Data backup and its recovery
  • Replacement of batteries of laptops
  • Charger related issues
  • Damage of laptop parts like Body, Hinges etc…
  • Booting issues and problems faced with drivers
  • Laptop Upgradation

Networking and Security

Our key strengths in Network security

  • Inspection of operating systems setup within the networks on a regular basis.
  • Configuring the operating systems for delivering performance at an optimum level.
  • Upgrading the operating systems with software updates required for the functioning of computer networks.
  • Creating, updating and managing user accounts of computers within the network.
  • Killing the unwanted tasks running at the background while operating the system and securing the computer from unwanted computer applications.
  • Regulating the server as per the needs of the companies for best performance.
  • Backups of loads of information stored on the server and computers linked arranged in the network

Annual Maintenance Services

Services of ICS

  • Desktop AMC service
  • Laptop AMC Service
  • Printer AMC Service
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